so This week this my used vita from ebay came in..I knew there would be a problem if it came in an sock........ First thing first who package a Vita in a old Nike Sock! like really it was in a Nike sock! Next I knew it came with an old grip, but man that grip looked so bad it look like it went through hell, end up chucking the grip.Now the console itself. This console looks so bad, there are a lot of hairline scratches on the console and it appears to have been either drag on the road or an animal got to it, it would be fine since I only got it for 100 bucks but the analog sticks doesn't work! the seller doesn't accept returns, but since it was false advertisement, I just open up a case to get my money back, but if it falls through off to the pawn shop it is, I'm currently looking for a new vita now. if anybody wants to help my budget is $150.